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Olivier, 11th aug 2008

Update with new pics !!

Olivier, 14th nov 2007

Marker Beacon in concert sunday 18th november at the Klub !

Olivier, 16th sept 2007

Update Bruno's guitars pictures...

Olivier, 15th april 2007

Huh, already 3 months without any news... here are some infos:

Olivier, 24th jan 2007

Small update with pictures of the 21st january concert.

Olivier, 04th jan 2007

First, Happy new year everybody!

Then, I would like to name some websites: thanks to them, the number of downloads of our music increased a lot these last days. These websites list lots of freely distributable songs (like ours) and presents lots of interresting artists.

Olivier, 24th dec 2006

And now ladies and gentlemens, the videos of the concert of last week. Here are all the links, in the same order than the setlist:

All is also available from the music page.

Olivier, 23th dec 2006

Happy Christmas !! A small update with Marker Beacon Artwork before the videos of the 17th.

Olivier, 19th dec 2006

The concert at "La Maroquinerie" is over ! It was really great. See the first pics in the... huh... pics section.

Olivier, 4th dec 2006

Thanks to Brainlock and Perpetual Emotion for the concert of wednesday 29/11. We will remember it -- understand who can ;) Anyway, some important news of next concerts ! The concert that was initially planned the 10th dec 06 is delayed to the 21st jan 07. And another concert is planned for the 17th december at "La maroquinerie". As usual, details in the concerts section !

Olivier, 21st nov 2006

Next concerts !!! The first one will occur on 29th nov 2006 (21h) in Paris in a bar "Le Gambetta". The second one, on 10th december in St Ouen (near Paris), in the "Capitol Studio". Details in the concerts section !

Olivier, 1st oct 2006

New poll on the website. Old poll results can be found on this page.

Olivier, 30th sept 2006

Two new guitars for Bruno... Coming soon on the website, a new poll (I got an idea for the next question), and I hope a concert date !

Olivier, 23th july 2006

Add a poll system below the menu. Also add the Marker Beacon teaser. Video quality is not very good but this is because video sources were not very good too.

Olivier, 16th july 2006

And here is the famous pressbook of the band (in french only). Also a new guitar for Bruno... The sixteenth...

Olivier, 15th juily 2006

Before releasing two new things (a teaser of Marker Beacon and a presentation booklet of the band), I added in the music part a zip file which contains the whole demo of Marker Beacon (the first one). These are not new records, only a compilation of current ones. It is easier to download them instead of one by one (11 titles). The ZIP file of our demo.

Olivier, 08th july 2006

Here it is ! The new website of Marker Beacon ! Photos, videos, songs have been updated ! Thanks to every people that helped me in this task !!!

Olivier, 12th february 2006

Here are some more records from the practise of january : Megahertz, Rain In Brain.

Olivier, 25th january 2006

This is the first news for the english website. To summarize the last french news, you can find in the music category some of our last records. Here are the direct links : Final Nightmare, Free et New Shell, Dispear, Need You, I still call your name, Blaster. Drug Day.