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Link to the new website

Our compos, click on it to download

Here is the list of our compos. Click on it and you will get informations about it (lyrics, videos, audio, ...). Please have a look in the license section before downloading.

Blaster Drug day Rain in brain Final nightmare Slaughter I still call your name Persian Tales Need You Free Megahertz Dispear New Shell Lift Up Your Soul

Bigs thanks to Nicolas for lots of lyrics, and to Laurent for the lyrics of Slaughter. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT WE ARE FRENCH SO SORRY FOR THE LYRICS IF THEY ARE NOT CORRECT. You can send us a message, we can fix them.

FOR VIDEO CODECS, and for those who use Windows, you can try to install something like K-Lite codec pack here.

The demo

The best available audio versions of our musics can be downloaded here : Complete Marker Beacon demo.

Marker Beacon video presentation

You can find here the teaser of Marker Beacon.

How do we record ?

We are lucky because we have 2 rooms for our practises : one for playing music, and the other with the recording devices (a numeric console Tascam DM24, a computer, HP Alesis M one MK2 actives, ...).

Here is an explicative scheme (by Bruno). Click to enlarge.

Record set

Another one, describing how our compos were recorded in practise, by Bruno. Click to enlarge.

Practise set

And our console :


Here is a small video of one of our 1st recording session